GeoThermal Drilling

The Energy-Efficient Solution Beneath Your Feet

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Geothermal energy is like a treasure hidden beneath our feet, providing us with a constant and clean source of power right from the earth. At Raab Well Drilling, we’ve been unlocking this treasure for over three decades, installing both residential and commercial systems that tap into this incredible resource.

The Heart of GeoThermal Drilling

The process begins by drilling deep into the ground to reach the stable temperatures below the earth’s surface. We use advanced rigs capable of creating both closed loop and open loop systems, depending on your needs. Closed loop systems circulate a fluid through a continuous loop of buried pipes, while open loop systems pump groundwater directly from a well to provide heating and cooling.

Our team, accredited by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, has the know-how to ensure each system is installed with precision. We’ve successfully installed more than 80 geothermal systems in a single year, a testament to our expertise and the growing interest in this eco-friendly solution.

Why GeoThermal?

Geothermal energy is sustainable, tapping into the natural heat of the earth that’s always available, rain or shine, day or night. It’s an efficient way to heat and cool buildings, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and helping cut down on emissions. Plus, geothermal systems have a small footprint, making them a discreet yet powerful choice for any property.

Our Comprehensive Service

From drilling and loop installation to grouting and pressure testing, we handle every step of the process. We’re equipped for any size project, ensuring quick and reliable installation. Our full containment drilling ensures that every job is done safely and responsibly, protecting the environment while harnessing its power.

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Ready to Explore Geothermal Energy?

If you’re interested in a geothermal system for your property, Raab Well Drilling is here to guide you. Our experience and dedication to quality mean you can trust us to deliver a system that meets your needs while contributing to a healthier planet. Whether you’re looking to heat a cozy home or a sprawling commercial property, geothermal energy offers a blend of efficiency, sustainability, and reliability that’s hard to beat.

Embrace the future of heating and cooling with Raab Well Drilling. Let’s tap into the power beneath our feet and make a positive impact on our world, one geothermal system at a time.