Extensive Gear for Every Well & Water Treatment Need

At Raab Well Drilling, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art equipment, designed to meet every unique and common well, water treatment, and geothermal need for our customers in Bucks County and Southeastern PA. Our extensive array of drilling rigs, support trucks, air compressors, vacuum equipment, hydro-frack gear, pump service equipment, and much more, ensures we’re fully equipped to handle any project, no matter the scale or complexity.

Drill Rigs

IR T-4 Drill Rig
Our flagship rig is capable of tackling the most demanding drilling projects with its advanced air rotary system.

Ingersoll-Rand Air Rotary T-3
(950cfm/350psi) & T-4 (1050cfm/350-psi)
High-performance rig designed for both speed and efficiency in drilling operations.

Auger Truck with Hollow Stem Augers and Split Spoon Sampling
It is ideal for environmental and geotechnical sampling, providing precise subsurface profiles.

Techno Drill – Limited Access Track Rig
Specially designed for projects with limited access, ensuring that no site is beyond our reach.

Geo-Probe Soil Sampler
State-of-the-art equipment engineered to retrieve high-quality soil samples with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area. An indispensable asset for environmental assessments and geotechnical investigations.

Drill Bits

Down Hole Air Hammers:
Capable of drilling diameters from 5” to 18″, perfect for a variety of geological conditions.

Mud Rotary Bits:
Ranging from 6” to 22” in diameter, designed for deep and large-diameter boreholes.

Rig Support Trucks

Flatwater Fleet RTT Rig Tender with Water
& RTS Rig Supplier with 15 Ton Crane:

Essential for on-site support, providing water supply and heavy lifting capabilities.

Hydro Frack Equipment

Hydro Frack Truck with 6″, 8″ Packers:
Specialized equipment for hydro-fracturing, enhancing water flow in wells.

Portable Air Compressors

Ingersoll-Rand 900cfm/350psi & 185 cfm/100psi:
For high-powered air supply needs, supporting various drilling operations.

Vacuum Equipment

4000 gal Vacuum Truck & Vac/Tron Hydro Excavator:
Ensures total containment drilling in sensitive areas and effective fluid and solid containment.

Test Pump Equipment

Pumps (1/2HP to 60+HP) with 60 KW Winco Generator:
Facilitates accurate and efficient pump testing for optimal performance.

Other Essential Equipment

Portable Water Tanks, Self-contained Steam Cleaner, Welders, Rolloff Truck with Drilling Containment Dumpster:
Supports a wide range of additional needs from water storage to site cleanup.

Pump Service Equipment

Smeal 5-ton and 6-ton Pump Hoists,
JGL 15-ton Crane,
Corner-mount 6-ton Rotating Pump Hoist:

Comprehensive range for pump installation, maintenance, and removal.

Track Mounted Limited Access Mini Crane
This versatile crane is engineered for precision and efficiency in confined spaces, ensuring even the most challenging projects are within reach.

Excavating Equipment

John Deere Backhoes,
Toro Dingos,
Dump Trucks,
Harley Rake,
Ditch Witch:
Full suite for excavation needs, site preparation, and cleanup.

At Raab Well Drilling, we’re not just equipped with tools; we’re equipped with solutions. Our extensive equipment inventory is a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive, efficient, and environmentally responsible well drilling and water treatment services. Whether it’s a residential well drilling project or a large-scale municipal water treatment operation, our equipment and expertise make us the premier choice in Bucks County and Southeastern PA.